Tag Groups Plugin: Link Targets and Tag Counts

Two small features have been added to the plugin:

  1. You can set the link target with “link_target“, i.e. determine where the page with the posts for that tag will open. To open them in a new window, you would set it to “_blank”.
  2. You can suppress the number of tags in the tooltip (the “title” attribute).

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Different Styling for Assigned Tags

The parameter tags_post_id has been around now for a while, helping you to display only tags that are assigned to a particular post or page (depending on the value, where 0 means the current item).

In response to a request, I have now created a new version (0.16) with another useful option: Rather than hiding unused tags, they receive a different class and can therefore be styled differently using assigned_class. 1

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  1. If you are new to css: The styling still needs to be defined somewhere, referring to the value of assigned_class with an appended _0 or _1. The style of the class with _0 is used for not-assigned tag and likewise _1 for assigned tags.

Some Kind of Anniversary

Some Kind of Anniversary

It has been roughly 20 years since I first put my foot on a Tatami. I am thinking about that number, if it actually has any relevance to me. I feel the need to commemorate that key moment where something has started that has accompanied and, undoubtedly changed most of my life since then, and I choose to do it in English since the beginnings have happened in Reading, UK.

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Tag Groups Goes Global

After a long, long time, tag groups is now localized to a new language – Spanish. Many thanks to Andrew Kurtis!

If anyone else would like to contribute – you find the .pot file with the original words and phrases in the “languages” folder (version 0.13 and higher). I will add your language as soon as time allows.

My Story of Mycitizen.net


For many years I was doing mainly non-profit project management – which, by the way, is very different from the same activity in a corporate settings – including consolidation of the organization, research, grant writing, event management, capacity building, microfinance and some IT work for our websites. Faced with the challenge to find innovative solutions to the quite complex situation in and around Burma (Myanmar), I decided to extend my activities within the Burma Center in 2012 to a new field. Inspired by the use of mobile phones for banking in Africa and successful open source projects like Ushahidi that offer their product both as hosted and self-hosted solution, I started to work on a new software platform that would later become mycitizen.net. weiter lesen »

Multiple Tag Clouds

Wikipedia: Cloud in Nepal

The new version 0.11 is not actually a big step. It just introduces something very simple: The possibility to have more than one tag cloud on the same post or page.

Hopefully it works on my blog. Let’s give it a try. ;-)

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Tabbed Tag Clouds for Posts


While I myself use tag clouds on WordPress installations mainly in the sidebar, several users have requested advice on how to use the Tag Groups plugin to display a tag cloud on posts (or pages) that would filter the tags or groups according to the tags of that particular post.

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