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My Lesson On Self-Defense


The best self-defense for foreigners:
Learn the local language.


This came to my mind while thinking about some unpleasant experiences when I was new in the Czech Republic and often ended up with the short end of the stick. If you don’t know the local language well, you cannot defend your rights efficiently, you miss essential information, it is difficult to find helpful people, and defending yourself consumes much more times and energy. And, even worse, you cannot respond adequately if people yell at you. weiter lesen »


Tag Groups Version 0.19

The latest version of the Tag Groups plugin is out since last night (and has already seen a bug fix since the WP core “Search Tags” feature was broken). It contains two main changes:

  1. A bug has been fixed: an incompatibility with another plugin (Polylang) where wrong columns were changed.
  2. A new feature has been added: The list of tags (or other terms) can now be filtered by a group, which is more useful than just sorting.

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Xenophobia, or Violence on the Path of Least Resistance?

In discussions about migration you frequently hear the word “xenophobia”.  I suspect that this word is often used as an euphemism for “racism” – possibly in order to avoid the R word and not to snub the majority population. “Phobia” means fear, and xenophobia is the fear of the unknown, or people with an unknown background, or strangers. Often this is accurate, but in many cases the word xenophobia risks to turn perpetrators into victims.

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About being a (privileged) migrant

At the recent protest against the high level of racism in the country where I live, R. had the great idea to make an improvised banner. We first considered to write that expats are also migrants, but the use of “expats” was a bit problematic, not fitting into the context of refugees, and not everyone was comfortable with that name. We then ended up with the message: “We’re migrants. Migration is not illegal.” Actually not a very controversial statement.

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