Multiple Tag Clouds

The new version 0.11 is not actually a big step. It just introduces something very simple: The possibility to have more than one tag cloud on the same post or page.

Hopefully it works on my blog. Let’s give it a try. 😉

The first tag cloud is very simple – just the standard shortcode:


The second one uses the parameters mouseover and collapsible. Since it is the second, I have to set the paramter div_id:


What else could we try? Hashtags? Different font size? Naturally, I have to set a value for div_id that is different again.


You can see that many attributes can be customized on a per-cloud basis. The theme is the same in all examples since I haven’t used the div_class parameter that would allow me to connect it to a different template.

New are also the parameters prepend and append.