Tag Groups Version 0.19

The latest version of the Tag Groups plugin is out since last night (and has already seen a bug fix since the WP core “Search Tags” feature was broken). It contains two main changes:

  1. A bug has been fixed: an incompatibility with another plugin (Polylang) where wrong columns were changed.
  2. A new feature has been added: The list of tags (or other terms) can now be filtered by a group, which is more useful than just sorting.

The filtering interferes directly at the database query and it also affects the tag cloud and the scope of the Search Tags field.

If you are missing the Settings page: It has been moved to the Settings menu, where it belongs. It didn’t make much sense to keep it under Posts after I added support for custom taxonomies, and you don’t actually use the settings on a daily basis. After all, the settings have different access permissions.

One more little bug has been introduced, making WordPress tags of all languages show up. The fix is already available in the development version and will be shipped with the next release.


Photo “filter” by akunnen (Pixabay)