Month: July 2019

Flattr micro-donation dashboard

How to finance a blog with micro-donations using Flattr

If you offer something of value on the Internet, you certainly want to make sure that you can at least cover your expenses. Some bloggers manage to sell merchandise or an ebook or they earn enough money through affiliate links. The best choice is probably to use a mix of various income streams. One of them are micro-donations. Micro-donations can form an alternative to advertising, which is often considered intrusive. Therefore many visitors choose to block ad banners. Many years ago, advertising was a good way to make visitors pay for what they consume. But these days are over. Today you cannot expect to generate enough income just by offering content on a website. Micro-donations with a monthly cap I use Flattr since the early days of its existence. This formerly Swedish1 micro-donation service started as a community-driven startup that let you support creators with a like button that also sent over some money. After a relaunch a few months ago, Flattr came up with a browser extension that would measure your interaction on a …