Year: 2017

free ticket for journalists

About the Irrational Stinginess of Some Press Officers in Prague

Before I started my Czech-related blogs, I worked for several newspapers, radio stations and news websites. Repeatedly it happened, that press officers of botanical gardens, galleries and other institutions1 surprised me with a totally irrational stinginess. Sometimes, after long exchanges of emails, they would grant a single-entry ticket. In other cases, like now the DOX gallery in Prague, I simply felt too bothered to follow up. Usually the task of press officers is to promote their institution, and that, of course, in a favourable and cost-efficient way. So why haggle about a free ticket? What is at stake? If that ticket will eventually convince some paying visitors to come to that place – hasn’t it already paid off? I understand that with a tight budget, you don’t just give away items of a limited quantity. But what is the actual price of a free press ticket? It’s the value of a piece of paper, plus the time you need to instruct your cash desk to issue it. No space in your precious premises will be …