Myanmar-English Dictionary

Just a quick note:

After a long, long time I finally took some days off and finalized the new Burmese/Myanmar-English dictionary.

A list of features:

  • Unicode support
  • Tries to load font automatically. (beta)
  • virtual keyboard with cursor
  • responsive web layout1
  • automatic identification of Latin vs. Myanmar characters in the search field; optionally manual selection
  • alternatively searching for whole words or parts of words
  • standardization of graphical variants of same characters 2
  • forgiving „bad habits“ of typing 3
  • finding words irrespectively of segmentation 4
  • finding words for both alternatives of the verb suffix 5
  • searching for a group of words and all single words contained in it
  • optionally finding Myanmar words with slightly different way of writing
  • recommendations for improved searches 6
  • extended search for similar English pronunciation 7
  • Users can suggest changes or new words.
  • bookmarklet for search on any web site by highlighting and clicking, opens in a pop-up window
  • Users can check, which fonts they have installed and share their experiences about compatibility.
  • increasingly more grammatical information
  • link to the Webster dictionary with more information and audio recordings of the pronunciation
  • A forum for support.
  • … and that all hidden behind a user-friendly interface that makes operation dead-simple.

Show 7 footnotes

  1. Rearranges stuff nicely on small screens instead of scaling them to a microscopic size.
  2. ‚ ာ‘ ‚ ါ‘
  3. like as using numbers instead of letters
  4. There are no accepted standard rules where to put spaces between syllables.
  5. higher style ‚သည်‘ or lower style ‚တယ်‘
  6. Tries to guess the singular form etc..
  7. ‚Good‘ finds also ‚goat‘, ‚gut‘ and ‚guide‘.