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A New Home for the Plugins

Over five years have passed since I announced the new Tag Groups plugin. Naturally I wrote here on my personal blog, since it was just one more project among many activities, thoughts and stuff to share.

After a while, however, my blog received an unprecedented amount of comments. Well, 20 comments on that mentioned post was already beyond my imagination, and the plugin page ended up with 54 before comments were automatically closed. The blog that I wrote for myself and for friends and family members served now as a support forum for troubleshooting, advice and features requests.

The plugin evolved through many new versions, and then I added a second plugin. Pages full of instructions, parameters and hints grew longer and longer. I got used to writing a post about every new version.

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When you publish plugins at, you also submit the author’s website and a plugin website. I always felt a bit uncomfortable to invite people who search information about the plugins to my messy blog full of topics that span from Japanese martial arts to refugee aid projects in Asia and travels near and far.

Chatty Mango logo

After many years I realized that the time had come to change something. I took some days off and moved everything about the plugins to its own website.

So, why is it now “Chatty Mango“? And why didn’t I ask a professional designer to do the logo? And was it actually inspired by an arcade game?

The name “Chatty Mango” has its roots in my previous focus on India and Southeast Asia, particularly Burma/Myanmar where the mango holds a very special position among the fruits. Some close friends even had their own mango trees, and I found it amazing that they produced more than their whole family could ever eat. The mango has become for me a symbol of abundance and joy, of the blessings of nature.

Needless to say, that I encountered also many chatty people in those countries. But actually the reason for this attribute is a previous project where I planned to involve language and translation. The name remained, and people just found it funny. It doesn’t describe any product or service, but it sticks.

Inspiring logo for “Digital Myanmar”

As for the logo, it started with a concrete idea: The chatty mango is producing digital output. That’s all to it. I enjoyed creating that logo, and its initial imperfection matches that of the plugins.

I think that the new pages are much clearer and better structured. It will be easier to add new projects, or expand old ones. Mostly, I believe that the plugins have finally found the home that they deserve.

Photo of the Novalis quote by geralt (Pixabay)

Photo of dogs by Kylie_Jaxxon