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A New Home for the Plugins

Over five years have passed since I announced the new Tag Groups plugin. Naturally I wrote here on my personal blog, since it was just one more project among many activities, thoughts and stuff to share. After a while, however, my blog received an unprecedented amount of comments. Well, 20 comments on that mentioned post was already beyond my imagination, and the plugin page ended up with 54 before comments were automatically closed. The blog that I wrote for myself and for friends and family members served now as a support forum for troubleshooting, advice and features requests. The plugin evolved through many new versions, and then I added a second plugin. Pages full of instructions, parameters and hints grew longer and longer. I got used to writing a post about every new version. When you publish plugins at, you also submit the author’s website and a plugin website. I always felt a bit uncomfortable to invite people who search information about the plugins to my messy blog full of topics that span from Japanese …

A URL to the Latest Post

After three years I have published now another WordPress plugin: Redirect URL to Post. As before, the reason was that I couldn’t find any other plugin providing what I needed. What I needed was a link that I could use on other sites and that would redirect to the latest post in a particular category. To be more concrete, I pulled the latest post of a blog to a weekly Mailchimp newsletter. Naturally readers of the newsletter should be taken to the full post by clicking on the title or “read more” link. But even after hours of trying, I did not manage to retrieve the post’s permalink with Mailchimp’s shortcodes.1 So instead I used the link to the entire list of posts of that category – better all than nothing – and readers would from there have to click on to the latest post. Then, however, I realized that it would be very handy to have a special URL that would automatically redirect to the latest post so that I wouldn’t have to worry …

A Plugin

Eventually I decided to publish a plugin that I initially wrote for the EcoBurma website to replace another one that led to loads of error messages and that could not be customized the way I needed it. Its purpose is to enable post tags to be sorted into groups. Now I can display the tags in different tag clouds, for example grouped by language:   The main work was about writing the code in a “nice way”, i.e. readable, and uploading the files via svn to the WordPress repository. And, of course, once the plugin is out in the wild, you immediately discover some little things that you would like to change. Wow, already 16 downloads!