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A Self-Contained Offline-Wiki That Syncs Across Your Devices

A long time I was searching for a way how to take notes on my desktop and make them available on multiple devices. I wanted to be able to edit the same file on all of my laptops and automatically synchronize them with the click of a save button. I also wanted to access that file on my smartphone. And, lastly, I needed a structured, searchable and easily editable format like a wiki, which is organized in pages or articles. So far, I used private installations of wikis 1 on public web servers, but didn’t feel really satisfied to take the way through the Internet. Syncing files is straightforward with cloud-based file hosting solutions such as Dropbox, Spideroak, Tresorit or Owncloud, but then again – wikis are usually pieces of code that require additional software to run it. The preferred choice would be a simple word processor or just a web browser that would be able to open the wiki on all devices. The solution Part one of the solution is TiddlyWiki, a wiki that …

A Plugin

Eventually I decided to publish a plugin that I initially wrote for the EcoBurma website to replace another one that led to loads of error messages and that could not be customized the way I needed it. Its purpose is to enable post tags to be sorted into groups. Now I can display the tags in different tag clouds, for example grouped by language:   The main work was about writing the code in a “nice way”, i.e. readable, and uploading the files via svn to the WordPress repository. And, of course, once the plugin is out in the wild, you immediately discover some little things that you would like to change. Wow, already 16 downloads!