Month: February 2019

auf dem Gasshuku in Tirrena, 2017

My Budo Anniversary Year

A few days ago I realized that this year I can celebrate some midway anniversaries: 25 years since I first set my foot on a mat in an Aikido dojo at least 15 years of actively practicing Aikido in a total of 6 clubs in England, Germany and the Czech Republic (I count 4 different styles or schools. For over 10 years I’m following the one of Nishio Sensei.) later this year it will be 10 years of Shinto Muso Ryu (Jodo) a few short or superficial activities that I don’t mention in detail since I’m not doing them regularly or have abandoned them Budo has certainly a lasting impact on my life. Not only does it keep me busy for a big part of my time. It also shapes the way how I view life and personal development. I see one of the key benefits in a new understanding of learning that spans over an entire life. It is a continuous struggle without a “finish line”. And achievements are something very subtle and personal.