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auf dem Gasshuku in Tirrena, 2017

My Budo Anniversary Year

A few days ago I realized that this year I can celebrate some midway anniversaries: 25 years since I first set my foot on a mat in an Aikido dojo at least 15 years of actively practicing Aikido in a total of 6 clubs in England, Germany and the Czech Republic (I count 4 different styles or schools. For over 10 years I’m following the one of Nishio Sensei.) later this year it will be 10 years of Shinto Muso Ryu (Jodo) a few short or superficial activities that I don’t mention in detail since I’m not doing them regularly or have abandoned them Budo has certainly a lasting impact on my life. Not only does it keep me busy for a big part of my time. It also shapes the way how I view life and personal development. I see one of the key benefits in a new understanding of learning that spans over an entire life. It is a continuous struggle without a “finish line”. And achievements are something very subtle and personal.

Some Kind of Anniversary

It has been roughly 20 years since I first put my foot on a Tatami. I am thinking about that number, if it actually has any relevance to me. I feel the need to commemorate that key moment where something has started that has accompanied and, undoubtedly, changed most of my life since then, and I choose to do it in English since the beginnings have happened in Reading, UK. To be honest about the maths: I cannot actually claim to be doing Aikido for the entire 20 years. After Reading, I continued in two clubs in Regensburg, a broken shoulder joint and moving to other places then forced me to suspend training. I gave several tries to clubs in other towns and was sometimes discouraged by the immature mentality of people there. Having the right atmosphere among the members was always most important to me. I wouldn’t be able to learn from a teacher who I could not respect because he or she had not developed their personality together with their technical skills. Often I …