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Enter Ajax: An Improved List of Tag Groups

It took me over four years to complete one of the early ideas and frequent wishes by users: Ajax1 and more interactivity on the group administration page. Ajax basically means that you can work on the data without having to reload the page every time you make a change. It took me quite a while to write the Javascript part, change the corresponding PHP functions, fine-tune the styling and test the whole stuff. I hope that it was worth it.   The list of memorable changes is as follows: You can now sort groups by drag-and-drop. That works, of course, only between the groups that fit on one page. You can add a new group right at the position where you need it. The only exception is the first position. Before, every new group was created at the end of the list and needed to be moved up to its final position. The label can be edited directly in the table. Generally, the number of steps for most changes is less than before, namely without …

Tag Groups: Import, Export, and Bug Fixes

Version 0.22 of the Tag Groups plugin comes with a new feature that was requested already several times: You can now export your settings, including the groups you created. Tags won’t be included, neither their assignment to the groups. The reason is simply that their assignment to the groups is saved with the tags – together with their names etc. Extracting and exporting their group assignment would make things more difficult (but I will keep thinking about this option). If you use export and import in order to clone the groups to another WordPress installation, you might afterwards have to go through the tags and assign them to the correct groups. You can use the bulk editing feature – check all applying tags and then choose „assign to“ from the pull-down menu, together with the new group. Another novelty of this version is that uninstalling (or deleting) the plugin won’t automatically wipe out all settings and groups. There are some rare cases when users want to remove the files, or they delete the plugin by …

Accordion With Tags

The latest version 0.21 of the Tag Groups plugin features a new shortcode that creates an accordion instead of tabs:   The options are documented in the settings. As usual, please post any support requests on the official support forum.   Photo by Liz Henry

Redirect URL to Post: Button and Tracking

A new version (0.5) is out that comes with two new features: A button can be embedded with a shortcode to go to a random (or latest, …) post. Particularly redirecting to a random post helps to revive old posts and to increase page views – an important factor if you show ads on your blog. You can now add some query parameters to the URL (and button) that will be appended to the resulting permalink of the single post. These parameters help you track redirects in your web statistics. More information can be found in the documentation.

Tag Groups Version 0.20

There is a new version of the Tag Groups WordPress Plugin. The new parameter active in combination with collapsible offers you the possibility to start the tag cloud collapsed. The name „active“ may not sound very intuitive (since the whole thing is active all the time) but I decided to keep the name chosen by jQuery UI. So „active“ means just „expanded“. Photo by skeeze (Pixabay)